PAAF 2017 - 2018 Committee Assignments

The Property Appraisers' Association of Florida, Inc. (PAAF) has been in existence for over 100 years. Originally known as the "Tax Assessors' Association of Florida" (TAAF), the association was organized in 1903 for the purpose of bringing about fair and equitable assessments throughout the State of Florida.

In 1976, the TAAF changed its name to the PAAF, but the association has continued to hold annual meetings for the past 108 years. The purpose of the annual meetings is to provide property appraisers an opportunity to express their views, and discuss problems uniform in nature throughout the state with the ultimate goal of obtaining fair and equitable assessments. As a result of the work and dedication of the association and its memberships, much has been accomplished toward improving Florida's ad valorem tax structure.

Standing Committees

Administrative Procedures & Rules 
Gil Carter, Chair
Dana Blickley
Robbie Lee
Rhonda Skipper
Scott Russell


Raymond McIntyre, Chair
Dan Sowell
Tim Parker
Leigh Barfield


Bob Henriquez, Chair
Roger Suggs
Robbie Lee
Chris Jones
Jay Gardner
Akin Akinyemi
Oz Barker

Marsha Faux
Greg Brown
Bill Furst
David Johnson
Bruce Ratliff
Patrick Pilcher
Mike Twitty

Ad Hoc Committees

David Goolsby, Chair
Raymond McIntyre
Tim Sweat
Gil Carter

Rebecca Morris-Haid
Mack Busby

Patrick Pilcher, Chair
Phillip Pelletier
Cindy Walker
Brad Harvey


Compensation & Retirement 
Tim Sweat, Chair
Lamar Jenkins
David Goolsby
Ken Wilkinson
Abe Skinner

Damon Leggett, Chair
Leigh Barfield
Joey Hooten
Michelle Franklin
Mike Hickox
Jeff Hampton

Tim Walker, Chair
Lorie Ward
Joey Hooten
Bruce Dukes
Angela Gray
Bryan Bell

Katrina Scarborough, Chair
Bruce Ratliff
Gil Carter
Robbie Lee
Damon Leggett

Rhonda Skipper, Chair
Mitch Burke
Paul Polk
Reginald Cunningham
David Williams
DOR Liasion 
Katrina Scarborough, Chair
Eddie Creamer
Carla Peacock
Michelle Franklin
Kenny Clark

Roger Suggs

Les Cook, Chair
Rick Singh
Mickey Bandi
David Williams
Gary Joiner

John Emerson, Chair
Dan Sowell
Michelle Franklin

Sergeant At Arms 
Osborn "Oz" Barker